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Consultant for Organic Food and Organic Farming
Welcome to Conrad Thimm
The Expert for Organic Food and Organic Farming

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“ In my work I bring together down to earth, practical action with what moves people and the world from inside.”

I advise and facilitate workshops and interactive conferences either alone or with a team, dealing with the following subjects

• Organic food, professionally, successfully, naturally, fresh
• Organic farming, regionally, world-wide, strategic partnerships
• Shaping the Future in companies, organisations, regions
• Marketing using common sense
Consultant for organic farming

In addition, I facilitate, either alone or with a team, events and steps for development that are lively, successful, sustainable and up to date. These four criteria have to be met if something real is to happen. They are part of a culture of leadership and participation that mobilises and utilises the whole potential of an organisation.

I show ways and methods for projects and organisations to develop lively, successfully, sustainably, and on time. Naturally, I design and develop my own advisory missions and workshops on the subjects of organic food and farming, shaping the future and marketing along the same lines - alive, successful, sustainable and up to date. Together we can find new ways. Please contact me to find out more. .

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